1000bhp plus Mercedes-AMG hypercar to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

A new report by Motor1 sheds some more light on the upcoming hypercar from Mercedes-AMG. While all we have right now is a teaser silhouette, the motoring website managed to chat up with Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers at the recent Detroit Auto Show, who confirmed that the hypercar will make an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.

While we do have a rough idea about the car’s performance and that it brings undiluted formula one technology to the road, Moers had more to tell Motor1.

The Mercedes-AMG boss apart from the launch date also confirmed that it will maintain its formula one 1.6-litre V6 engine, replete with electric motors and split-turbo systems. However, the engine idling will be more civilized and street-legal at 4,000rpm. Moers also added that same engine with rev well over the 10,000rpm mark in the final production vehicle.

According to a report in AutocarUK, AMG will be building just 200 to 300 examples of this fuel efficient beast. Power is said to be in the 1000bhp range and the same will be derived from an F1 1.6-litre engine combined with electric motors. And its not just the engine from an F1 car that will make it in this hypercar, but everything else including the transmission, the MGU-H system that uses heat from the exhaust to create electrical energy and much more. In short, it is going to be very, efficient compared to the brawny hypercars we have in the market today.


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