Amazon Alexa devices were the top selling products on Amazon during the holiday season

Amazon Alexa based devices were the top selling products on over the holiday season, across all categories. The Amazon Echo sold nine times more in the 2016 holiday season, as compared to the sales in the 2015 holiday season. The Amazon Echo Dot was the most gifted product on the web site. The devices powered by Alexa on the bestsellers list were the Echo, the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick and the Fire tablet.

Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon, said, “Echo and Echo Dot were the best-selling products across Amazon this year, and we’re thrilled that millions of new customers will be introduced to Alexa as a result. Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock. From turning on Christmas lights and playing holiday music to shopping for gifts and asking for help with cookie recipes, Alexa continues to get smarter every day.”

Amazon released the most common searches during the holiday season, to give a sense of what the Alexa powered devices were actually used for. Users searched for cocktail recipes, and instructions on making cookies. Home Alone and Elf were the most streamed holiday movies. Users requested Alexa to “play holiday music”, with the 1999 remaster of Jingle Bellsby Frank Sinatra being the most requested song. Customers in San Diego and New York used Alexa to turn on Christmas Lights more than any other cities in the United States.

Amazon has announced the top selling products across individual categories. Fitbit Charge 2 was the most sold item in the fitness category, the Samsung 32-inch 1080p Smart LED TV was the most sold television, and Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones was the top selling audio product.

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Not everyone got what they expected when they ordered an Echo Dot during the holiday season. A family found to its horror and amusement that the Echo Dot started serving pornographic results, when a Toddler asked Alexa to play a song that he liked.