Android Nougat Tips & Tricks: How to Fix Installation & Battery Problems On Nexus Phones

The coming of the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update has brought problems anew to Nexus devices. Temporary fixes, however, have been found for Nexus users to deal with these glitches.

Since a new update on the Android Nougat will come in a few more weeks, Nexus users are advised to seek for temporary fixes for these problems. This includes errors involving the installation of the operating system.

Download issue

One of the major issues of the Android Nougat begins with installation; with some users complaining that they cannot push through with the process on their Nexus phones. In case one is caught in this situation, users can restart their devices or they can opt to drain their batter. Fully charge it then try installing Android Nougat again.

In case the update still fails on the Nexus phone, owners can already try clearing the cache partition on their device. This will prompt the gadget to also restart after the process.

Wi-Fi problems 

Another big concern of Nexus users is the reportedly unstable wireless connection. Users complained that the Wi-Fi network suddenly drops even though the connection is working well. Restarting the device usually does the trick for this glitch.

Battery concerns

Battery problems, like the device draining or Nexus phone consuming too much power, have also haunted users after they upgraded to Android Nougat. They are advised to check their settings and see what applications are consuming too much of their battery and close them.

They can also try disabling the services on their phones that they do not use, like Bluetooth and cellular data. Nexus owners can also try the Battery Saver Mode to save a big amount of battery on some applications that eat up a lot of power.

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