Apocalypse Now Game Creators Talk Platforms, Kickstarter, And Francis Ford Coppola In Reddit AMA

Read through to the end for a tidbit about the Godfather game adaptation Coppola didn’t love.

Three of the brains behind the upcoming Apocalypse Now official video game adaptation have taken to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything (AMA), answering questions from fans in the form of thread comments.

Game director Montgomery Markland, executive producer Lawrence Liberty, and American Zeotrope’s Mike Musante all weighed in, speaking quite frankly about the team’s plans to turn the classic war epic into a survival horror role-playing game.

Below is a roundup of the more interesting comments made by the team, head over to Reddit to see the full AMA for yourself.

Comparisons to Spec Ops: The Line (y’know, that game that was clearly inspired by films such as Apocalypse Now)

Release Platforms, and the challenges of planning to release in 2020

Making Use of Original Resources and Cast

“3-Dimensional” RPG Mechanics

Official Backing from Francis Ford Coppola

Favorite Video Game Film Adaptations

Coppola’s Opinion of the EA and Visceral’s Godfather Video Game



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