Apple Releases 4 New Ads for Airpods Including an Apple Watch Ad; Watch the Video Here!

Apple yesterday has released four new TV commercials featuring its Airpods with the iPhone 7 Plus in one of the commercials and two of the TV ads also featured the star dancer Lil Buck. Airpods were announced in September 2016 during iPhone 7’s event that it would be released in October but delayed until mid-December due to production hurdles.

The ‘Pairing’ TV ad that lasts for 15 seconds showcased how simple and easy it is to pair the Airpods to the iPhone 7 and begin listening to music over it, which involves pairing via W1, Siri integration as well as proximity sensing where you can hear Marian Hill’s song Down. The Airpods TV ads for Siri feature Lil Buck asking Siri to play music over Airpods by double-tapping his right earbud while strolling through the streets without the need of taking his iPhone out of his pocket.

The third ad is titled Notes, which highlights the design of the Airpods and the fourth ad, which is titled Stroll and a longer version of the first and second ad with Marian Hill’s Down song playing in the background. Additionally, Apple also showcased a 15-second commercial titled Close Your Rings for its Apple Watch Series 2, which highlights its Activity ring.

According to iPhone Hacks, the wireless Airpods become a commercial success soon after Apple launched them in December 2016 with estimated shipping to four – six weeks within minutes upon its release. People were also lining up outside Apple Store in some locations when they were released despite the fact that their design and cost were actually mocked when Apple initially announced it.

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CNet reports that Apple’s CEO is confident that his Airpods have never fell out of his ears each time he lets his hair down. Overall, the Airpods victor with their simplicity as they have been one of the company’s commercial successes in the market since their release.