Apple releases watchOS 3.2; adds Theater Mode and SiriKit

Apple has released a new beta update for watchOS, the operating system that is powering its Watch products. The update, watchOS 3.2 beta (14V52-5d) is available for developers to check the latest features and upcoming code changes to update their apps. One thing to note is that the company has added two features, the first one is called ‘Theatre Mode’ and the other feature is called ‘SiriKit’.

‘Theatre Mode’ as hinted to arrive to iPhone as part of iOS 10.3 but we did not see any concrete proof about that expects tips on Twitter. This is the first time that Apple has officially mentioned ‘Theatre Mode’ in the official changelog but on watchOS. One thing to note is that the implementation of the theatre mode is somewhat different and it improves on the existing ‘Do not disturb’ mode already available on watchOS.

The main thing is that this mode, when enabled will prevent your Apple Watch from lighting up in a dimly lit situation like a theatre, meeting or anything else unless you physically touch the wearable device. This is a far cry from the ‘Do not disturb’ mode where the screen would light up anytime you moved your arm. This feature mutes the sound of the device and users still receive the notifications including haptics feedback.

Another important feature is that Apple is opening up Siri for third-party apps which will enable them to leverage the deep integration of Siri with the operating system to do things like aksing Siri to book a cab, do payments among other things, making it more easier for third party app developers to expand the functionality of their apps.

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