BlackPods will transform your Apple AirPods to match your jet-black iPhone 7 for a whopping $99

Apple introduced the AirPods along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year. After a long delay, the wireless earphones finally started shipping in late December. While early impressions of the AirPods have been mixed, most of them have been positive.

If you are one of those who like to match your apparel with your gadgets, or just prefer black over white, there is good news. A company is offering a special treatment where it converts white AirPods into a pair of BlackPods. These ‘BlackPods‘, which is also the name of the company, are special AirPods which go through a three-phase approach which produces a ‘luxurious scratch-resistant finish.’ The company is offering the treatment at a charge of $99. In case you don’t own a pair, you can buy the AirPods in black for $249 . The standard cost for the AirPods is $159

Considering limited availability, you can’t order the BlackPods right away as there is a waiting list. On the other hand, Apple is also taking its time to ship the AirPods as the shipping period is about 6 weeks if you order one today.

The AirPods are limited to a few countries and if you have been looking for a pair in India, you will have to visit an authorised Apple store and book one.

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