Blizzard Takes Legal Action Once Again Against ‘Overwatch’ Cheat Seller After Anti-Cheat Measures Fail [VIDEO]

Blizzard is once again trying to get the law on its side to help it shut down a well-known “Overwatch” cheat seller. The company has thus far been failing in eliminating the cheat programs on the servers of its highly popular team-based multiplayer shooter video game, which is why it has now launched yet another wave of lawsuits against the infamous “Overwatch” cheat program creators.

The online company, Bossland, is a well-known website that sells cheating programs and codes for various online and offline video games. The company gained much of its notoriety after it started selling “Overwatch” cheating programs, which give its customers an unfair advantage over other non-cheating players.

The “Overwatch” cheating programs that Bossland sells continues to be a popular way of cheating the game up to this day. One of the company’s most popular products is the infamous Watchover Tyrant Hack, which essentially gives players the stats and position of their enemies regardless of where they are on the map. The “Overwatch” hack also counters most of the anti-cheating system Blizzard has rolled out, including the “Warden” anti-cheat patch.

Blizzard had previously sued Bossland back in July last year, after claiming that the company has cost them millions of dollars in revenue. Blizzard, unfortunately, lost the case mainly due to international enforcement issues, seeing as that Bossland is based in Germany. Despite their loss, Blizzard continues to take legal steps against the company, likely until it gets it to stop selling “Overwatch” cheats.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has been busy banning players caught using Bossland’s cheating programs as well as those caught using other illegal third party hacks. The company recently banned over 10,000 “Overwatch” accounts in Korea, after they were found using “Nukes” that essentially disconnect target players from the servers via a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attacks are predominantly used in ranked games, which results in an unfair advantage for the attacker’s team during matches.

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