Brutal New Conan Exiles Cinematic Trailer Arrives; Barbarian Edition Announced

Funcom also confirms exactly when Exiles will be available to play on PC.

Funcom today released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming sandbox game Conan Exiles. The video sets up the game’s story, which starts pretty dramatically with players abandoned in the desert.

Conan cuts down a woman from a cross and they battle together, at first fighting against Warg-like creatures. With the beasts defeated, Conan hands his axe to the woman, as the narrator says, “What will you become?” You don’t play as Conan in the game but instead a brand-new character. Check out the video in the embed above.

This trailer was produced by Bl├Ąck Studios, a Swedish company that also worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, Watch Dogs 2, and Mad Max.

Funcom also today announced the Barbarian Edition of Conan Exiles. It comes with bonuses such as multiple digital books, including a 496-page “Coming of Conan” book featuring illustrations. It also includes the soundtrack and in-game items for the Age of Conan MMO, Hyborian Adventures.

The Barbarian Edition sells for $60, while the standard edition will go for $30. Check out the image below or read this blog post to see everything that the premium version comes with.

Finally, Funcom announced exactly when Conan Exiles will be available. It launches through Steam Early Access for PC at 9 PM PT on January 30. The game is also coming to Xbox One, but not until this Spring. No date has been set for PlayStation 4.


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