What Can We Expect from Apple’s iPad this 2017? Predictions We’ve Heard So Far

Apple has three new iOS-powered tablets in line for release in 2017. These are the 9.7 inch model, an updated version of the 12.9 inch iPad and the recently predicted educational model, which has a screen of just over 10 inches.

The 12.9-inch model carries Apple to its first targeted and stylus graphical creative designer market. It will be an update to the larger screen iPad Pro launched in 2015. It is predicted to be made with a detachable keyboard to achieve a lightweight laptop-tablet style. This coming model will absorb its graphical increase and capability power to preserve the charm of the iPad Pro with the help of its A10X system chip.

Apple persists to birng in the lower end market with the new 9.7 iPad inch model. iPad will be available as secondary machine with a friendlier pricing. The 9.7-inch iPad model is somehow cheaper compared to Apple’s smartphones, which triggers the buyer to choose the iPad over their smartphone models.

Apple still wants to dominate in the tablet market. Android tablets may exceed the iOS powered devices but still Apple has the advantage in terms of sales. International Data Corporation (IDC) claimed that Apple ranked as the highest in the market with 26 percent of sales from the second calendar quarter of 2016, surpassing Samsung, which is in the second place with only eighteen percent. The worldwide tablet sales from June up to December of 2016 stands at 38.7 million devices, which is a drop of 12.3 percent year-per-year; 65 percent of its sales belongs to Android.

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