Check Out Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Free DLC Map

Coastline looks like a very nice place, that is until a match starts.

Ubisoft has published a new Rainbow Six Siege trailer that shows off the map included with the game’s next expansion, Operation Velvet Shell. The video provides a very brief overview of the Coastline map, which is set on the shores of Ibiza, Spain. Players will fight through a resort called La Perla Blanca, which is the name of a real resort in Spain (it’s just not in Ibiza).

According to Ubisoft, the map is designed to “drive a surround flow of combat for a final rush at its core.” It looks like a beautiful place where nothing bad should happen.

Velvet Shell is the first big update coming to Siege as part of the game’s second year of content. As with previous content drops, this one adds a new map and two Operators–in this case, from Spain. The Operators have not yet been announced.

As the new video teases, a live demonstration of the new Coastline map and a panel with developers will take place February 3-5 as part of the Rainbow Six Invitational competitive gaming tournament.

Maps for Siege are released for free to all players, while the characters will be for free to anyone who purchases a season pass for Year Two. Everyone else will need to unlock them with either an in-game currency or one obtained in exchange for real-world money.

Siege’s previous expansions included content themed around countries such as the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Canada, among others.


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