‘Clash Of Clans’ Jump Spell Event: When Is It Set To Begin? What Is Jump Spell And How To Use It?

From the huge December “Clash of Clans” update to the new special Golem event, Supercell did not disappoint players with fresh and exciting in-game happenings. Now that the current Golem event is near conclusion, another one is set to begin. Called the Jump Spell event, the forthcoming “COC” challenge is expected to roll out on Jan. 17, reportedly.

As pointed out by iDigitalTimes, if the schedule of Golem event is to be considered, Jump Spell may go live in the morning of Tuesday. However, this is yet to be confirmed so fans are advised to wait for an official update from Supercell. No specific details have been teased about what awaits players in the new event as well.

But what is Jump Spell on “Clash of Clans” and how can one take advantage of its uses? As per a report by AllClash, this spell is used to allow “COC” troops jump over the Walls. It could be a mighty skill and may even be better than Wall Breakers if players would learn how to utilize it properly.

As detailed by the report, dropping the Jump Spell correctly with proper timing is the key in taking advantage of its functions. An example is dropping it before sending troops because it has a duration of up to 60 seconds, allowing players to focus more on deploying troops instead of doing both at the same time.

Players can also take advantage of the 7-tile diameter of Jump Spell that allows troops to jump over multiple layers of Walls. That said, players may strategize on using Golems to infiltrate and do some damages to opponents.

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What can you say about the upcoming “Clash of Clans” Jump Spell event? Have you already mastered how to use the spell? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.