Dark Souls 3 Update: DLC 2 Possibly Named City Of The Dead 2017 Expansion To Bring New Map, 2 Characters And Unlockable Weapons [VIDEO]

Some fans can be downright perceptive when it comes to seeding out updates and information. With the second DLC pack for “Dark Souls 3” coming soon, one particularly driven fan turned to the game files for more details on what to expect.

YouTube user “Sanadsk” has uploaded a video compiling their findings and speculations regarding the latest downloadable content. The biggest detail that stands out is the possible name of the expansion and a newly fleshed-out location.

“Miyako no Mouja.” According to The Christian Post, the YouTube user found references to the phrase “Miyako no Mouja.” The words are romanized Japanese. When roughly translated, it means “Dead Capital” or “The City of the Dead.” The player thinks the latter translation may be the name for the upcoming DLC.

“Londor” Land of the Hallows. Further speculation by the YouTuber suggests the game will take place in “Londor” – a game setting that has yet to be fully fleshed out. It’s the known hometown of characters Yoel and Yuria, but players have yet to know the setting intimately. According to The Bitbag, this suggests that both Yoel and Yuria may potentially be central characters in the main story.

Unlocked Weapons. With the setting in Londor, there’s a chance that new weapons featured in Londor will become playable. One such example is the Ceremonial Sword, which is used to stab Anri of Astora. Other possibilities include the Darkdrift or Sister Friede’s Scythe.

While this remains pure speculation, the fact that these weapons are already in the game’s files, albeit unused, gives credence to the rumor. Without confirmation, however, one can only assume.

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“Dark Souls 3” DLC 2 will be released this 2017 but no official date has been named. It will be available in all regions and playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.