Darkest Dungeon News: Radiant Mode Coming Early Feb; Details Revealed

Red Hook Studios has announced more info about the upcoming Radiant Mode for “Darkest Dungeon.” The new mode, which was previously announced along with the dungeon crawler’s “Hamlet for the Holidays” update, allows players to finish “Darkest Dungeon” a bit faster than usual.

In December, Red Hook Studios announced┬áthat its dungeon crawling video game, which was released in January 2016, would be receiving a new mode that should cut the duration of the gameplay to roughly half. Sure enough, the video game developer/publisher recently announced that Radiant Mode is just around the corner and revealed the details of the new “Darkest Dungeon” game mode.

According to Red Hook’s Radiant Mode dev update, players will soon be able to choose from three modes: Stygian (formerly NG+), Normal, and Radiant. Making these three game modes available gives “Darkest Dungeon” the ability to adjust to players’ lifestyles without depriving them of the game’s core experience. The developer clarifies that Radiant Mode is not meant to be the “easy” mode but that it does reduce the average 80 hours it takes players to complete the “Darkest Dungeon” campaign to just around 40 hours. According to Red Hook, it does this without compromising the game’s core difficulty.

Red Hook confirmed that it is aiming for an early February release for Radiant Mode. PC, Mac and Linux versions of “Darkest Dungeon” will be the first to receive the new game mode. It will be released for PS4 and Vita at a later date. A small public beta will be held right before the Radiant Mode launch.

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In its announcement, Red Hook also revealed that the release date for “The Crimson Court,” the first major DLC for “Darkest Dungeon,” has been pushed back. “After the decision was made to double down and add content as part of the Radiant update, this unavoidably shifts ‘Crimson Court’ date a bit, but we feel this is for the greater good of the game,” the developer’s announcement read.