Dust2 is no more: Counter-Strike’s most popular map will be replaced by Inferno in ‘Active Duty’

In what will comes as shocking news to many, the Counter-Strike (CS) community’s beloved Dust2 map will be removed from ‘Active Duty’. Dust2 will be replaced by Inferno.

If, like me, you spent your formative years playing CS, you’ll remember Dust2 very well indeed. For regular players, this move won’t matter because Dust2 is still available to play in the regular queues, but the announcement does mean that we won’t see Dust2 at any competitive tournament in the near future.

On its blog, the CS team says, “In the wake of the Eleague Major (congratulations Astralis!), we’re making a change to the map pool: Inferno has returned to Active Duty, replacing Dust II, and will be featured at the next CS:GO Major. As in the past, the updated Active Duty pool is automatically selected when you enter Matchmaking.

And in Casual and Deathmatch game modes, it’s now a bit easier to play your favorite maps. Map groups have been separated into additional categories: Active Duty, Hostage, Reserves, and Dust II.”

As RockPaperShotgun reports, Inferno recently underwent a complete overhaul and was being tweaked based on community feedback.

The full details of the reworked Inferno map can be found on its dedicated site here. Notably, Valve says that the new Inferno “makes it easier to move around in groups.”

In a way, I’m glad that Dust2 is getting a break. It was getting long in the tooth after all, especially in the competitive esports scene.

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