Facebook allows Live video publishers to monetise content with ads pushed in the middle of videos

YouTube is attractive to high quality video content producers because of monetization options, something Facebook does not yet have. However, this is changing now, and Facebook has taken has been updated with in-stream video ads for all publishers.

More publishers who create Live Videos now have the ad-breaks option, which was being trialed with a limited number of partners. Facebook has also began the testing of ad-breaks for on demand videos with a small number of partners.

Audience Network will now start delivering in-stream video ads for all eligible partners. Audience Network is Facebook’s ad delivery service that works on third party applications and web sites as well. The system delivers advertising relevant and targeted to the viewer. So far, Facebook has been piloting the delivery of in-stream ads with a select few partners. Facebook will start showing advertisements in the middle of videos for all content partners with sufficient inventory. Users on both mobile and desktop will be served with the ads.

Ad Breaks is now being made available to more publishers. Publishers in the United States with over 2,000 followers, and those who have reached over 300 concurrent viewers will get the Ad Break option in the livestream. Those who are going Live, can chose to take a break of up to twenty seconds in the middle of the Live. The impressions are instantly monetised, and the broadcaster gets a share of the resulting ad revenue.

Publishers can take the first Ad Break four minutes after going live. After that, one Ad Break is permitted for every five minutes. A $ button in a blue circle appears on the interface, if it is possible for the publisher to take an Ad Break. The feature is only available in the United States as of now, but Facebook plans to roll out Ad Breaks for publishers around the world in the future. The feature is still being tested, and eligible publishers will be automatically notified the next time they go Live.

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The last update is a limited test of inserting Ad Breaks in on demand video. A few select publishers can insert short Ad Breaks in the videos they upload, or even insert ad breaks into videos that have already been uploaded. The new feature is in its early stages, and will be analysed, tweaked and improved based on the tests. Facebook plans to make available Ad Breaks for on demand videos to more partners in the future.