Facebook celebrates its 13th birthday; rolls out new features for ‘Friends Day’

Facebook has rolled out a number of new features for its users on the occasion of ‘Friends Day’. Friends Day marks the day when Facebook was launched back in 2004. This year the company has introduced new tools to encourage its users to connect with their friends using the platform. Facebook hosted an event in Menlo Park to celebrate the friendships and invited different groups of users who used the platform to connect with friends and family.

The company discussed the power and innovation of technology that has helped them to create newer ways for Facebook users to stay connected and engaged. Facebook has also released a personalized video for all the Facebook users to celebrate ‘Friends Day’ with the video. The video which compiles your Facebook friends and memories will be displayed on the top of your News Feed. You can make changes to the video or choose to share it with your friends list.

Last but not the least, Facebook has introduced custom Friends Day GIF s to be shared using Facebook Messenger. These GIF s will highlight the theme of friendship and can be shared within conversations with any of the friends on your friends list.

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