Facebook Lite has reached 200mn users in under two years

Facebook Lite, the stripped-down low-bandwidth-friendly version of Facebook has reached 200 mn users since its launch in June 2015. Facebook Lite (FB Lite) had reached 100 mn users last March, so there has been 100 mn more users added in under a year.

Targetted at an audience which still uses 2G connectivity and in areas where network connectivity isn’t great, the Facebook Lite is available in Asia and parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe. The service will now also expand to new countries such as Israel, Italy, United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Speaking on the occasion, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also pointed out how FB Lite is being used by businesses. “In several countries around the world, many people are mobile first or mobile only – and that includes business owners. FB Lite is helping business owners grow and reach customers on mobile even when bandwidth is at a minimum,” she said while giving example of how a wedding photographer in Brazil uses FB Lite to his advantage.

Facebook had recently released its quarterly report, showing a massive growth in user base as well as revenues. Revenue has been increasing steadily over the years, but in the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook did particularly well. Advertising based revenue saw a growth of 53 percent, and mobile revenue was 84 percent of the total revenue, up from 80 percent of the total revenue in 2015. Advertisers increased their focus on mobile based advertisements, particularly when it came to mobile video.

The average revenue per user (ARPU) for Facebook is up by 28 percent from $1.10 to $1.41. This pushed the rest of the world revenue up by 52 percent per quarter.

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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared this news with his followers on Facebook.