Facebook has made edited posts less obvious to spot

If you’re a Facebook user, there is a good chance that you have been in a situation where you wrote a post or comment which turned out to be wrong. It could be a simple mistake as a typo, or a joke that you later realised was not quite funny.

Good news is that the social network offers an option where you can edit it. But it also shows a label that tells the world that you did a mistake and then went on to correct it. Appalling, isn’t it? Well, that is changing as Facebook has removed the ‘Edited’ label which lurks around your post. This makes it difficult for someone to know if you tried to cover up your mistakes.

Facebook hasn’t completely removed it though as one can still see the changes, only now it takes a bit of an effort. Going into the post information via the drop down menu and then hitting the edit history reveals all the changes made. While it shouldn’t be a big deal for some, it did provide a way to be transparent on the social network. This is probably the reason why Twitter isn’t very comfortable about letting users edit their tweets. According to Facebook, the editing system hasn’t been altered, just the approach towards it has changed. The update was made last year but has now started rolling out to users.

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