Facebook suffers outage in many parts of the world

Facebook, the social media giant is down in multiple parts of the world. Several website users have complained that they are not able to check updates on their news feed.

According to the Down Detector, an independent website that tracks connectivity issues with major online platforms, many Facebook users have complained about the outage in European countries. Most of the complaints are coming from England, while few users from Malaysia and Thailand are also not able to access the social media website.

As always, users have taken it to the rival social website Twitter to vent their anger. Some of the users are also complaining that after logging in their news feed shows no posts along with a retry button.

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“Anyone else having problems with Facebook this morning? Timeline doesn’t seem to be refreshing,” tweeted a user named @jaywhite_1.
For now the issue seems to be limited to the Facebook desktop website. The app seems to be working fine. There is no clear reason as to what is causing the issue. Neither is there any information as to when it will get resolved.


A similar instance of Facebook going down was reported last month. The website was down for a brief amount of time. Earlier this month the website’s publishing tools were said to be down. For those unaware, Publishing Tools is a feature that is used to manage Facebook Pages and the content pushed on them.


It was recently reported that Facebook will be building a 56,500 square meter (608,161 square foot) data center in central Denmark, its third such center outside the United States.


Facebook executive Niall McEntegart said to AFP that the facility will be built in the Odense area.


No details were immediately available on when construction would begin or when the center will open.


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