Final Fantasy XV Cactuars: Where To Find Them, How To Beat Them Fast; Kinds Of Cactuars

The Cactuar is a typical monster in the “Final Fantasy” universe and “Final Fantasy XV” would not be complete without the special and rare appearance from this little hopping cactus. Cactuar in “Final Fantasy XV” rewards you with tons of experience when you overpower it.

Cactuars play a very significant role in character progression in “Final Fantasy XV.” These cacti reward 3,333 EXP for every Cactuar you kill, which is the highest amount of experience you can get for killing a single creature. They also drop special items such as Oracle Ascension Coins when overcome.

“Final Fantasy XV” features three different types of Cactuars, such as the regular Cactuar, the Slactuar and the Gigantuar. All of these three are tremendously rare, and numerous players have spent hours in the game without every laying eyes on one, says Gearnuke.

Location & How To Spawn A Cactuar

The best way to find a Cactuar in “Final Fantasy XV” is when you get hold of the Beast Whistle, which is acquired in chapter 4. Head over to the areas around the Hammerhead gas station and start using the Beast Whistle to spawn some enemies.

These rare creatures only spawn in the early morning, although nobody knows why for sure. Your best wager is to head out around 5 in the morning in-game, and just summon and fight until one brood. In “Final Fantasy XV,” these Cactuars will try to run away as soon as they spawn, so take them down quickly.

According to Prima Games, to do this fast, be sure that you are equipped with a set of Daggers or a Gun Type weapon. Use these to attack the Cactuar before it can run away.

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You should also cease from using any Fire-based spells, as the Cactuars will simply absorb them. Make use of your Blizzard or Thunder spells, instead. Thunder is especially useful for slowing the creature down. If you can, craft a Stopcast using mostly Thunder elements and you should be able to stop the Cactuar in its tracks.