‘Final Fantay Brave Exvius’ Welcomes Ariana Grande; Character Dons ‘Dangerous Woman’ Image

“Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” finally confirmed the presence of former Disney star Ariana Grande as a playable character, putting a new essence into the game. That being said, her features are expected to be closely related to her artistic forte.

According to Inverse, the young pop icon is said to wear the outfit from her “Dangerous Woman” video, thus giving her the character name “Dangerous Ariana.” She then takes pride in beating the fictional villains using her charms and musical abilities.

Unlocking the character is relatively simple, but not entirely easy, as per Siliconera.¬†Players must first accomplish the entire “Dangerous Woman Tour” on the Easy level, but players are urged to make haste as it is slated to end on February 2. Players also have until then to gather exclusive equipment and items for the said hero.

The artist’s singing also proves useful to the game itself. Her single “Touch It” was given a different rendition that adhered to the “Final Fantasy” vibe. A music video of the remix was also made, making it so that the game’s essence is fully captured and felt all throughout. “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” is a free-to-play app made available to the iOS and Android devices, keeping the turn-based, role-playing game image that permits players to dwell in a world of magic, spells and fantasy.

Grande¬†has not ceased to become a fan favorite to date, releasing her current album “Dangerous Woman” last 2016. Her most recent tracks include the titular “Dangerous Woman,” “Into You” and “Side to Side,” as well as multiple collaborations with the likes of Mac Miller in “My Favorite Part,” whom she is said to be linked to in real life after their first video together, titled “The Way.”

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“Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” was released back in October 22, 2015 for Japan. It was then launched worldwide in June 29, 2016.