Where To Find The Cerberus Rifle In ‘Final Fantasy XV’ [Video]

“Final Fantasy XV” has a variety of weapons that players can utilize — from swords to daggers. There is one weapon, however, that is unique and can only be used by Noctis — the Cerberus Rifle.

This weapon is perfect for players who like to keep their distance during battle, as opposed to melee close range attacks. Here’s how to find the only sniper rifle in the game, according to a report by Mobipicker.

The rifle can be found in the Fort Vaullery Imperial Base. It can be accessed after completing chapter 6 in the main campaign. While inside the Fort, turn left to the northeastern side until you get to a small storage room. The rifle is located in a crate in a form of a blue orb.

The Cerberus rifle can zoom in and out, enabling players to aim at a specific target or an enemy. It can aim for specific limbs and even headshots to inflict a fair amount of damage and devastating injuries to others. This brings players at a big advantage over the enemies as they can keep their distance while the rest of the team engage in close combat.

To use the Cerberus rifle, hold R1 + triangle on PS4 and hold RB + Y on Xbox One. This will allow you to use the extended scope of the weapon. The rifle can only be used during battles.

It is recommended to pick up the rifle as soon as you can during the game as it will make battles much easier for players, according to Segment Next.

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