Gamesbond partners with Vietnamese developer Stom Studio for series of casual games

ndian game publisher Gamesbond has partnered with Vietnamese developer Stom Studio for a series of casual titles. Stom Studio specialises in creating 2D unity games, and has a roster of titles on the Play Store, most of which are rated above four stars. Gamesbond is an Indian mobile publisher as well as a marketplace operated by Mauj Mobile. The games will be launched globally, but will have a special emphasis for the Indian gaming market.

The partnership between Gamesbond and Stom Studio is a multi-year partnership that is expected to result in a number of titles that will be released by Gamesbond. The games will be launched on the Play Store, the App Store, alternative app stores, and through original equipment manufacturer channels. The games are casual and arcade, with a focus on superlative gameplay experiences.

Anshul Singhal, VP Products, Gaming Gamesbond,  says “We are excited to partner with Stom Studio from Vietnam and are looking forward to taking their games to both the Indian and the global users. We foresee this to be a great start to a fruitful global multi-game partnership. The Indian gaming marketing is gaining solid traction and with our strengths in distribution and understanding of the Indian gaming consumer, we are the ideal partners for great international game developers to gain traction into this market.”

The first of the many titles is Archer Legend: Robin Hood. The application is available on the Play Store for free, but is listed as unreleased, so updates and enhancements can be expected. The game will be available on other stores, including the Apple App Store soon. The game is a side-scrolling platformer. It is a casual, one touch title, but that does not mean that it is easy. There is only one window of opportunity to aim the arrow right, and if you do not, you die.

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The enemies appear on platforms of different heights, and will throw a spear or other weapon at you instantly if you do not shoot them first. The mechanic works in such a way that you can either kill or be killed, there is no middle ground. If a streak ends, you can pay hard earned coin to continue, or watch a video. There is an ad shown at the end of every game, which can be removed for a one time fee of Rs 65. The coins can be used to buy and unlock characters, which include Robin Hood, a fox (which is probably Disney’s version of Robin Hood), Mitch, and David.