Google Assistant to soon get payment capabilities according to report

Google Assistant is about to get a new addition to its services offered, according to a report in The Next Web. A teardown of the new beta version of the Google Assistant app for Android, done by XDA Developers, shows that you will soon be able to make payments through Assistant across supported devices.

There is no clarity as to how the mechanism will work. XDA says that a string found in the app’s code indicates that it can let users of the Google Pixel smartphones make purchases through Assistant. At the same time, it can also control which other devices can authorise payments. One of those devices includes the voice-activated Google Home speaker.

According to Business Insider, users will be able to make credit card payments for delivery services or online shopping, such as using Google’s Express Shopping marketplace.

Considering Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri both support payment capabilities, it is just the next logical step for Assistant as well. Apple has also applied for a patent to enable peer-to-peer payments using iMessage via Siri. Alexa is expected to come built into LG smart refrigerators which will give you the ability to make purchases via the assistant as well.

It is simplified with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot products, using Alexa, because these devices are already tied into your Amazon account where you have your payment details stored. It is just a matter of enabling 1-click payment and Amazon lets you buy physical products from its store as well as digital music.

Google Assistant is expected to come to other platforms, such as Android Wear based smartwatches, Android TVs and even inside cars in the upcoming months. The possibilities of shopping via these multiple platforms are immense.

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Google has not yet confirmed the payments feature on Assistant officially.