Google launches a significant upgrade to Gboard for iOS

Google announced the launch of an upgrade of Gboard for iOS users after making is available for everyone in July last year. Initially, Gboard launched with the ability to search information, GIFs, emoji, images and other things, right from the keyboard. Now the company has announced that it is adding support to 15 additional languages along with the ability to check and get more information about Google Doodles.

Image Credit: Google

The new languages include Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Latin American Spanish and Turkish. To switch language from the default to any of these languages you need to open the Gboard app and to the ‘Languages’ menu and tap on’Add Language’ to switch to the particular language. The company detailed in the blog post that it has increased the support for emoji’s and now you can search the latest emoji’s from iOS 10.

                                                             Image Credit: Google

The ‘G’ button on the keyboard animates on the days when Google has added Doodle on their home page. You can tap on the button to open the Doodle of the day and search more information about the occasion or the reason of the Doodle.

Last but not the least, Google has added the support for ‘voice typing’ with Gboard. To start typing with your voice, you need to long press on the mic button on the space bar on the Gboard. You can visit Apple App Store to check any updates for the Gboard as the update will roll out gradually to all Gboard users.

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