Google wants to build AI tools for the Raspberry Pi platform, and you can help them out

As far as the field of computer engineering is concerned, AI is the only way forward today. Google has decided to help out the Maker community on this front by building a set of AI tools for the Raspberry Pi.

Yes, that 1.2GHz ARMv8, 1GB RAM toting, credit card-sized computer is expected to run AI tools.

Google is currently running a survey of Raspberry Pi owners to determine the tools that they’d like.

Given Google’s interest in IoT, and the announcement of the Android-based Things platform, AI tools for ultra-low power devices is just what Google needs anyway.

Gaining a free test bed for such tools is good for Google and great for the community as a whole.

In the survey, Google says, “Hi, makers! Thank you for taking the time to take our survey. We at Google are interested in creating smart tools for makers, and want to hear from you about what would be most helpful.  As a thank you, we will share our findings with the community so that you can learn more about makers around the world.”

The Raspberry Pi is by far the most popular miniature PC for DIY projects. Even Microsoft has specifically developed a free version of Windows 10 for the platform.

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