‘GTA 6’ News & Updates: Game To Feature First-Person As Standard Mode; Expected To Have Full VR Support

“Grand Theft Auto,” otherwise known as “GTA,” has become one of the biggest gaming franchises in the industry. The action-filled adventure game series from Rockstar Games has been in the market for five season, and its fans are now waiting for its sixth instalment.

Neither Sony nor Rockstar has given any confirmation regarding “GTA 6,” but Take-Two Interactive, the game maker’s parent company, previously confirmed that they are working on some “exciting future products.” As can be read on the company’s statement, this “robust” project will extend “well beyond the current fiscal year.”

When “GTA 6” does finally come, multiple news sources have reported that there will be a lot of changes. For instance, Tweak Town has reported that the franchise will feature a female main character, and that it will be voiced by Eva Mendes, nonetheless. This move is reportedly the company’s response after it got some backlash for its portrayal of women in “GTA 5.” According to earlier reports, Mendes’ real-life partner, Ryan Gosling, will also lend his voice for the lead male in-game character.

A report has stated that “GTA 6” is also likely to follow the suit of “GTA 5” in terms of point of view. In the fifth version, players had the option to play in a first-person mode. According to the report, however, the franchise’s sixth instalment will have the first-person perspective as its standard mode of gameplay.

Moreover, N4BB has reported that “Grand Theft Auto 6” could also feature full VR support. Rockstar is expected to improve the game in order to allow for full virtual reality feature. Once this is confirmed, it solidifies a tie-up between Rockstar and Sony. The latter is expected to launch its next gaming console with the exact feature needed for the expected full VR support for “GTA 6.”

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