Hatch, a Rovio spinoff to bring free online streaming games next year

Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, have built a new company called Hatch Entertainment.  Hatch, as the name goes, means beginning of something new. The company aims at building a way for Android device owners to stream and play games, without the need for downloading them. It will launch on Android, and other platforms will follow. It is being touted to become like the Spotify or Netflix of the gaming world.

Hatch will allow anyone to compete and help in online gaming, and also help sharing and broadcasting gameplay footage. Players will also be able to receive online assistance from others, and the service will team up with Huawei to use cloud-based servers. Hatch is expected to launch for public with more than 100 games such as Badland, Leo’s Fortune, Monument Valley, Pac-Man CE DX and more. CEO Juhani Honkala will lead the team, who was earlier the SVP of Rovio Entertainment.

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According to VentureBeat, some of the important features include the ability to invite other players to share their gameplay and turn a single-player game into a multi-player game. The report also says that Hatch claims to have built an infrastructure that is robust enough to work without any latency.

The company plans a launch during the first half of 2017 on an invite-only basis. You can key in your mobile number here to get early access to Hatch. Hatch is also inviting game developers, and those interested can drop their numbers here.