Here’s footage of an iPhone 7 that caught fire; Apple is investigating the issue

Footage of an iPhone that caught fire and melted through its case is doing the rounds on Twitter.

The phone, belonging to Brianna Olivas was apparently on a dresser when it spontaneously combusted. Olivas’ boyfriend saw the device smoking and threw it into the bathroom before he began recording the smoking phone.

Mashable reports that Olivia had trouble with the phone from the start. The phone wouldn’t boot and she had to show it to Apple employees at an Apple Store to fix. They told here there was no issue and returned it.

Olivas says that the phone started working after that. The fire occurred the next morning.

The phone apparently made a squealing sound when it was on fire. As we’ve seen from exploding battery videos in the past, lithium-ion battery packs do tend to squeal and burn when the battery shell is punctured.

Apple iPhones have exploded at random intervals in the past, but there’s nothing to suggest that there’s anything to panic about here, not at the scale of the Note 7 fiasco anyway.

The phone has since been handed over to Apple and the phone is being examined.

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