Injustice 2 Roster: PlayStation Store Leaks ‘MKX’ Darkseid As Pre-Order Freebie Character; Dev Drops Clue On Narrative

Ahead of the announced offiicial reveal of “Injustice 2”, the PlayStation Store has accidentally leaked the addition of a “Mortal Kmobat X” kombatant Darkseid. Meanwhile, NetherRealm Studios may have also dropped a clue on “God Amongst Us” sequel’s narrative..

It has been awhile since the last time the developer of “Injustice 2” made any announcement of fresh release or gameplay details regarding the sequel. But the wait will be quite over soon as the studio slated to make an official reveal next week, January 17.

Interestingly enough, prior to the highly anticipated event, Attack of the Fanboy reports that PlayStation Store has somewhat accidentally leaked as to the game’s pre-order bonus. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to capture the PS Store listings for “Injustice 2” that offered a slew of the game’s pre-order details. Other than the title’s description, the said page unitentionally mentioned two items as pre-order freebies.

The first bonus is the usual game’s Theme while the other item is what caught the attention of the fans. It indicated Darkseid as pre-order bonus character. A NeoGAF member took a screenshot and immediately shared this exciting information online.

However, just like any leaks online, It did not take long for the PlayStation Store to take down the listing shortly after the leak was exposed to the gaming community. Then, the page is now up again that no longer said of Darkseid as pre-order bonus character for “Injustice 2”.

To fans, this sort of news is not new given how another NetherRealm Studios title, “Mortal Kombat X” also offered Goro as a free playable character that comes with a pre-purchase for the game. The same could be true for Darkseid and game enthusiasts see him as perfect addition to the upcoming fighting title.


But gamers who do not plan to pre-order for “Injustice 2” need not to fret. Goro became available shortly for outright purchase, hence, it is likely the case for Darkseid if, in any case, the leak turns out to be legit. This leak, however, has not yet been confirmed by either Warner Bros. or NetherRealm Studios. Perhaps, fans will know in a few days time.

In more related news, NetherRealm may have dropped a clue to the fans on the upcoming game’s narrative from the what appears to be a cryptic message posted on the game’s official Twitter account  PVP Walk noted that in the first title, the plot happened in an alternate timeline of Justice League’s realm.

In “Injustice 2”, it seems possible that fans will once again see Superman is back to being the Man of Steel that they’d come to adore before. More details will be coming next week, so, stay tuned.