Instagram working on bringing multi-photo album posts

Instagram is said to be working on a new feature where it will allow multiple photo posts to be posted as an album on its app. The new feature is currently available in the beta version of the app on Android. The feature lets users select and upload multiple photos to publish as an album while viewers can swipe through these photos.

The album feature is currently available to advertisers while some beta-testers have access to the new feature. However it seems like the feature is not ready because when you try to publish an album you end up with an error.

There is no confirmation from Instagram as to when the new feature will roll out. Once it rolls out, one would be able to long tap on a photo in the gallery to enter a multi-select mode that lets you to choose other images. Up to ten photos in total can go as a post. Filters can be applied to all photos at once or one by one and then you can post the whole selection as an album. Only one image in the post is shown but other photos in the album can be seen by swiping horizontally.

Expect the new album feature to arrive on Instagram on Android and iOS soon.

Image Source:: WixTechs

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