iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks: BlackKeyboardEverywhere Applies Dark Theme to Stock iOS Keyboard

If you notice the iOS keyboard turns dark with translucent background when you open the Spotlight Search from your Home Screen and becomes disappointed when you try to send a text message to someone when the keyboard color turns white, then you’re one of those who are in dire need of a dark-themed typing tweak. Good news though, because you can now do that wherever you are in the system provided that your device has been jailbroken.

According to iPhone Hacks, the iOS 10 jailbreak tweak called BlackKeyboardEverywhere utilizes the keyboard dark color that you can see in the Spotlight Search to the iOS stock keyboard. So, instead of seeing the white keyboard in the system, you should see the dark keyboard with a semi-transparent background everywhere in the system. Great news, folks!

Additionally, the BlackKeyboardEverywhere dark-themed keyboard is compatible with third-party apps, system apps and in all parts of the system where the keyboard appears and it doesn’t even require configurations plus it’s free at Cydia Store. In case you’re like Johnny Cash or Adele who love black color, (which means you want to have a black background on your iOS keyboard) instead of a semi-transparent one, you can certainly change it.

You can simply go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Increase Contrast then toggle off Reduce Transparency to make the background black on your iOS keyboard but this also applies to all iOS elements with translucent background like the Home Screen dock. The BlackKeyboardEverywhere dark-themed iOS keyboard is compatible with both iOS 9 and iOS 10.

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To install the BlackKeyboardEverywhere tweak, you will need to add the source to Cydia and once you’re done adding, Cydia will refresh and you will see the tweak in the Changes tab. According to Neurogadget, other iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks includes iCleaner Pro Beta, App Manager, Evanesco, Cuttlefish among others.