iPhone iOS 10.3 Update Could Introduce Cinema Mode; Battery Bug Fix Also Expected

The next software update for the iPhone and iPad is expected to introduce a whole new set of features including a cinema mode. The iOS 10.3 is now believed to be on trial period.

Apple’s iOS 10.3 update is said to include a “cinema mode” for iPhone and iPad owners enabling them to dim their gadgets. This mode is perfect when watching movies and other video clips on the said devices.

The icon of the “cinema mode” will reportedly be a popcorn and will be placed at the middle of the control center. This will be a welcome addition for many Apple users who like to watch movies and video clips using their devices.

 Other uses

Aside from this, the new mode set to be introduced on the iOS 10.3 could also disable notifications for messages and calls and also the Apple device’s ringer. Users could either enable this “cinema mode” manually or automatically with the help of a GPS.

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The mentioned features also make the phone cinema-friendly whenever one decides to watch a movie. However, some Apple users noted that this purpose could already be served by the existing Airplane mode of Apple devices. Another concern raised by many is that cinemas do encourage viewers not to use their phones inside moviehouses and this mode could just encourage the opposite.

Fans expect more with iOS 10.3

Setting aside this possible “cinema mode,” iPad and iPhone users are primarily hoping that the iOS 10.3 will solve the battery issue that recently bugged Apple devices. A recent software update reportedly drained batteries of iPhones and led to shutdowns even when some still had 30 percent battery left.

Many Apple device users are hoping that the next iOS update will introduce fixes to glaring problems in the previous software improvements. What other areas should the iOS improve on?