‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Gameplay: Director Talks How New Battle System ‘Situation Commands’ Work; Release Date Won’t Fall In 2017?

Fans may have long accepted the fact that “Kingdom Hearts 3” won’t be arriving any time soon, probably, not even this year. But there are a few recent updates to tide fans over.

In a recent interview, director Tetsuya Nomura addresses a couple things about the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts” installment. Aside from assuring fans that development is still in progress and worlds are being fleshed out, he also introduces the new battle system KH3 will use called “Situation Commands.”

New Battle System Situation Commands. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Video Games Republic reports that Nomura unravelled the battle system of Situation Commands. Nomura explains that players can “actively choose” which command to fire off.

“In [Kingdom Hearts 3]’s battles, there are a huge amount of options,” he said. “What we see in in [Kingdom Hearts 0.2] can be said to be one small part of this larger system.”

In the translated interview here, Nomura also mentioned showing variations of this system in action in a “Kingdom Hearts 3” trailer. “Locking onto a huge amount of enemies will send Sora flying between them,” he offered as an example, “landing blows as he moves from target to target. Expect to see these sorts [of] exhilarating and fun to execute Shotlocks.”

Nomura also stated that players can select their favorite Situation Command to execute, but only through completing various tasks and only for a limited time. The idea for this, according to Nomura, stems from a desire to abolish the feel of a sort of “forced QTE (Quick-Time Event).”

A Different Development Progress. In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu-translated by Gematsu, Nomura was asked about the state of “Kingdom Hearts 3” development. He replied, “While I can’t make a sweeping statement because the development process is different from what we’ve done so far, there are still worlds untouched.”

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Based on the statement, it seems Square Enix is dabbling in new development processes for KH3. Nomura doesn’t expound on that further but he does mention that progress is being made on unannounced worlds. They are, however, currently cannot be divulged just yet.

Nomura ends his statement by saying, “In terms of development, there is still some way to go.” While it’s certainly disappointing to know we’re in for a long wait, the promise of untouched worlds and new battle systems for “Kingdom Hearts 3” remains something for “Kingdom Hearts” fans to look forward to.