Lenovo announces new AR and VR content for Phab 2 Pro

CES has begun and we are looking at a variety of new announcements. Lenovo has just announced an update for its Tango enabled smartphone, Phab 2 Pro. The smartphone was announced last year and recently started shipping to various countries.

According to the company, it has introduced new AR and VR experiences for first time Tango users, including many high quality AR/VR games such as Hot Wheels Track Builder, Fury of the Gods or Crayola Color Blaster. Apart from that, the company says that Tango is meant to make your phone more useful and features depth perception capabilities can be used to measure interiors and real world objects.

Retail companies like Lowe’s and Wayfair have been using utilising Tango to let users place actual-size furniture or home furnishings inside their house by using Augmented Reality, before finalising a product. This helps in reducing time and cost to visit the store physically. Another interior design app called iStaging uses spatial perception features of Tango with its own Immersive Reality technology to let users design their interiors on the Phab 2 Pro.

Users can walk around furnishings, floor tilings, paint and wallpaper they’ve chosen in their own homes to see if it fits and suits them. Once they are satisfied they can directly buy items from the app. It also offers a Floor Planner app that allows designers and real estate professionals to measure and map their interiors.

There are many other apps which are making good use of Tango. Matterport allows users to capture an accurate 3D model of an indoor environment and offer virtual house tours for people interested in a property.  Sensopia’s MagicPlan lets you measure your rooms and draw floor plans just by taking pictures.

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For educational purposes, Dinosaurs Among Us is a Tango app that allows viewers to walk among life-sized dinosaurs say a Velociraptor. Students can learn better by looking at virtual dinosaurs, where information taken from the latest research of paleontologists at the American Museum of Natural History is overlaid over various features of the dinosaur. Another educational app called Angstrom Tech’s Solar Simulator at Scale, lets teachers, parents and children project a scale model of the solar system into their living room, hallway or gym. By setting the start and end points to give the app a scale, it automatically scales the solar system to fit into your room.

Tango is definitely an interesting concept but is fairly new in the market. Hopefully it will catch on and in the coming months and years will offer new use cases and be used on a larger range on devices.