‘Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’ will arrive in late 2017, confirms publisher

The much-anticipated Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite game will leave Capcom’s stables in ‘late 2017’.

In an interview with 4Gamer, Capcom’s game designers and producers revealed that the game is expected to release in the second half of next year, but can’t be more specific than that. The game’s current state of development means that a fixed date cannot be determined at this time.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite pits fighters from Marvel’s and Capcom’s universe against each other. Don’t be surprised to see Iron Man fighting Mega Man, or Ken bashing Captain America into the ground.

More information than that is hard to come. All we have to go on so far are a couple of trailers and screen grabs.

As We Got This Covered suggests, “more information is bound to surface at next year’s E3.”

E3 is an annual Electronics Entertainment Expo with a focus on video games and the communities surrounding them. Developers, publishers and gamers alike flock here to learn about the gaming roadmap for the rest of the year.

E3 2017 is slated for 13-15 June and will be held at its usual venue in Los Angeles, CA.


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