Nasa’s Fermi telescope has possibly found dark matter in the middle of the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy

Nasa’s Fermi Gamma Ray telescope has found a signal originating from the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The signals are similar to the ones detected from the Milky Way. As the signal originates from the center of the galaxy instead of uniformly throughout the extent, it indicates that something unexpected is going on in the centre of the Andromeda galaxy. Possible explanations for the source of the signal include a cluster of pulsars or the elusive dark matter.

Dark matter is thought to make up most of the mass of the universe, the gravitational effects of the invisible mass can be detected, but scientists have been unable to directly observe the mysterious material, hence the name, dark matter. Scientists are now going to conduct further tests to identify if the source of the signal is dark matter, or pulsars. Pulsars are rapidly spinning neutron stars that are extremely massive. A single teaspoon of a pulsar could weigh a billion tons on Earth.

A paper describing the findings will be published in The Astrophysics Journal. Regina Caputo, a research scientist at Nasa and co-author of the paper says, “Our galaxy is so similar to Andromeda, it really helps us to be able to study it, because we can learn more about our galaxy and its formation. It’s like living in a world where there’s no mirrors but you have a twin, and you can see everything physical about the twin.” Emissions from the centre of the Milky Way interfere with our ability to directly observe the centre of our own galaxy.

At the start of February, Nasa announced that the Fermi Gamma Ray Telescope had found the most powerful Blazars known to man. The Blazars were extremely distant and light from the highly energetic cosmic objects started travelling towards the Earth when the universe was only 1.4 billion years old. The objects are the largest known black holes.

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