New 2018 Dodge Durango SRT SUV unleashed with a 475 horsepower V8

Dodge has just announced its all-new Dodge Durango SRT which is basically a souped up version of the 2018 Durango. The vehicle comes from the performance division of Dodge called the Street  and Racing Technology (SRT) and it adds plenty of more power along with some modifications, that not only the 3 row SUV look a lot more aggressive, but also lends some serious burnout capabilities.

Its certified for all those burnouts as well and this comes from none other than the National Hot Road Association (NHRA) with a certified quarter mile times of 12.9 seconds and 0-60mph tarmac tearing acceleration of 4.4 seconds (take than Tesla!)

With that level of performance on tap, you indeed need to keep reminding yourself that you are seated in a 3 row SUV.

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The exteriors features a wide body exterior design and a “functional” SRT hood that feature a center air inlet duct at the front with two heat extractors (on either side) right behind it. There’s a new front fascia and a lower valence that accommodates a new cold-air duct along with LED fog lamps.

Coming to the performance bits, Dodge calls its Durango SRT the most powerful three-row SUV in America. It packs in a 392-cubic-inch HEMI V-8 engine that produces 475HP which helps produce that outrageous acceleration times (for a production vehicle). Then there’s the massive mounds of peak torque at 637Nm which is impressive given the size and weight (2.5 tonnes) of this behemoth.

Inside, you get the standard leather and suede interiors with the available high-performance Demonic Red Laguna leather seating and new carbon-fibre trim that should remind you that you are sitting in the SRT version, just incase you happen to jump into the wrong SUV, and before you press down on the accelerator.

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And to this the massive 20-inch five spoke wheels finished in black with the Pirellu 295/45ZR20 section rubber and you have the perfect getaway vehicle that would feature in the next American action flick.

In case you are wondering what a burnout on an SUV looks like, we suggest you have a look at the “educational” video below.