New Year’s eve Google Doodle are a bunch of balloons waiting for the stroke of midnight

After a bunch of holiday Google Doodles, we are down to probably the last one for the year. It is New Year’s eve and with that Google is celebrating it on it’s homepage with a new Doodle. It features some excited and jumpy balloons tied up in a net. The balloons are clearly waiting for 2017 to begin as they all have their eyes set on a clock which is about to strike twelve.

Google’s blog post reads, “Happy New Year’s Eve! All across the world tonight, we’re sharing the eager anticipation of counting down to midnight: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

We are expecting these balloons to be released right when its midnight. So make sure you check it out.

Right before Christmas, Google had started a series of holiday doodles which showcased six characters that form the word ‘Google’ doing various activities. The first doodle of the series had all of them singing carols joyfully. Google actually made two versions. The second version was for countries with warm climates like Brazil, Australia and the lot that features the same carollers on the beach. The second doodle saw the same cute characters playing around with fogged up windows in cold climates while those with warm climates, saw them taking to the beach to make some sand angels instead. The third one had all the cast of characters relaxing at home on a Christmas morning symbolising the importance of family.

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