‘Ninja Gaiden’ Takes A Break, Team Ninja Focuses On ‘Dark Souls’ Inspired ‘Nioh’

“Ninja Gaiden” will not see a new entity or update anytime soon as Team Ninja Creative Director Tom Lee confirmed that the game will take a break for now. As it seems, Lee and his team are focused on “Nioh,” a game that is said to be inspired by “Dark Souls.” However, Team Ninja made it clear that “Ninja Gaiden” is not retiring permanently and there is a possibility for the developers to bring it back in the future.

The news came from a reporter of US Gamer who apparently asked Lee about “Ninja Gaiden” to which the creative director replied, “Maybe I can say that Nioh is a gateway into the next chapter for ‘Ninja Gaiden.’ ‘Ninja Gaiden’ is a very important, if not the most important franchise, for us.” “But at this point, I think this franchise needs to be in the shadows for a while until we bring it back. There will be a time, and when the time is right, we will bring it back,” Lee continued.

With that, it is safe to say that the game will take a rest from now and players will see more of “Nioh.” As per a Polygon report, though it is obvious that “Nioh” took inspiration from “Dark Souls,” the game still contains several unique elements of its own. For one, the setting of Team Ninja’s new game is in Japan where players take the role of a protagonist named William in a land being stalked by mythological creatures.

Similar to “Dark Souls,” “Nioh” is also a challenging game that requires players to come up with different strategies in combat. This is not something new in a Team Ninja game, however, as “Ninja Gaiden” is actually an interesting game to play because of its difficult levels too. Additionally, Lee and his team seemingly prepared well for the new game because it is meant to be their return to the gaming scene.

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Are you interested in trying the new game from “Ninja Gaiden” creators? Do you believe “Nioh” could be a “Dark Souls” alternative? Drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!