Nioh gold master is ready, Team Ninja says game will release on February 9

Nioh is an upcoming action RPG exclusive to the PlayStation 4, by Japanese developers Team Ninja and is going to be published by Sony. The developers announced that the gold master disc of the game is ready, and that the game will be released on 9 February. The gold master disc is the final build of the game that is going to be replicated on physical media before shipping.

Team Ninja is known for the successful franchises of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. Nioh is a departure from the kind of games typically made by Team Ninja, and is heavily inspired by the hit Dark Souls 2 game. In Nioh, gamers will have to explore an alternative history of Japan set during the Sengoku period when the country was torn by civil war. The protagonist is a blonde haired samurai known as William, who is a seasoned swordsman.

Players will find Yokai, demons that plague the war torn land and wait in shadows to ambush unsuspecting victims. There are various kinds of Yokai roaming the lands. A Yoki is a human transformed into a demon through the consumption of a magical potion known as Amrita. Onriyoki are horrible mashups of multiple spirits, and half of its face is just fire. Hitotsume Oni are incarnations of violent tendencies of the Mountain Gods and spirits, and have one large bulbous eye. Onyudo are monks who have strayed from their spiritual path and collect the skulls of their victims and wear them in a necklace.

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There is a unique spin to co-operative gameplay, which will be required during some challenging portions of the game, when a player is overwhelmed by Yokai. Players can summon help from friends or visitors, who drop in and help out the summoner during the difficult portions. The visitors get rewards after the mission, and the summoners can continue playing the game. The staples of an RPG are all here, including a range of armours and combo attacks. The weapons are traditional Samurai gear and include poleaxes, katanas and axes.

The stance system is an important part of gameplay, and players will have to strategically choose between three stances according to the type of enemy being encountered. The high stance is an aggressive stance with the maximum power for attacks. The low stance is oriented towards dodging and evasive actions, and can be used to surprise an enemy from the back. However, the attack power is least in the low stance. The mid stance is defense oriented and allows for quick reactions to enemy moves, with an attack power somewhere in between the other two stances.

Nioh is available for pre-order, as a digital download or as a disc. The Nioh Deluxe edition with additional campaigns, a Siege of Osaka campaign and bonus weapons and armour is available for pre-order only as a digital download. Nioh pre-order is priced at 40 USD and the Nioh Deluxe version is priced at 50 USD