Nvidia Shield 2 & Nintendo Switch: Other Alternative Handhelds To Go Against Nintendo’s

Nvidia’s canceled Shield project could have been Nintendo’s greatest rival for hybrid consoles.  ( Android Police )

Nvidia’s cancelled Shield project could have been Nintendo’s greatest rival for hybrid consoles. Nintendo’s press event highlights the Switch’s promise for everyday gaming. Could the Shield 2 be one of the best gaming consoles that never happened?

In the midst of all the Nintendo Switch fanfare, a newly uncovered FCC filing sheds light on Shield. It gives us the first impression of what the cancelled hybrid could have looked like. Although, we don’t know it’s actual specs, the previous model sported a Tegra processor. The Nintendo Switch also has the same processor inside its box.

Back in 2016, the surge of curious gamers for Nintendo’s hybrid console was at a high. Nintendo Switch and a discreet PC handheld named the Smach Z were all around the Internet. The handheld consoles bring a new age for portable gaming. In shadows lurked rumors about a new Nvidia Shield handheld. Sadly, it all came to an end before it even started.

The original shield could still give Nintendo’s hybrid console the much-needed competition. There are also other portable handhelds/controllers that can make things happen for the daily on-the-go gamer.

The Smach Z is offering the ability to play Steam/PC games in a jam-packed handheld. So far, the reception has been good on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It offers gamers the ability to play “Skyrim” anywhere; even when a player is taking a potty break.

There is also Sony’s Playstation Vita. Although it lacks big game titles despite respectable specs, the handheld is still a worthy mention. The Nintendo 3DS is also something worth your time. Especially to avid Pokemon fans with the “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

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Other devices include the Gamevice, the Morphus X300 and Razer Pro Edge. Today’s smartphone has become a monster on the paper when it comes to specs. It enables you to play tons of emulators from the PS1 to the N64; and that’s where Gamevice comes in. The controller basically transforms your phone into a cool handheld. Playing “Legends Of Legaia” or “Final Fantasy 7” will be much more surreal with the Gamevice.

The Morphus X300 is an Android-based gaming tablet with two controller halves that work similar to Nintendo’s Joycon controllers for the Switch console. The specs are respectable; plus, it offers free 3D visuals like the Nintendo 3DS in a bigger and wider screen.

For those who are into gaming laptops, Razer is no small deal. After unveiling a crazy three screened gaming laptop at CES 2017, the company has proven itself to deliver. That’s what you get with the Razer Pro Edge. It looks like a handheld, but the difference is the side controllers are not detachable.