‘Overwatch’ Major Improvement Update: Health Bars Added To Spectator Mode

Although “Overwatch” is one of the biggest games today, it still had some major improvements that had to be done. Blizzard promised that these were coming soon. Indeed, one will be arriving — and it will help players and spectators alike know what’s going on.

In the past, it was not always the easiest to know which team is winning and who are dying in the game. However, this has been given a solution in the form of health bars on the spectator mode of “Overwatch.”┬áThese health bars are now available and were first introduced to the PTR, according to PCGamesN.

A Youtube video from ggDoa showed the new improvement in “Overwatch.” The video showed floating health bars above all the players. Apparently, these could be turned on and off with just a click of a button. Once the health bars are on, viewers will see more clarity who’s running the match.

Getting these health bars is not just for spectators. “Overwatch” players themselves could gain a lot from these. Without health bars, they would have to check their character’s health every now and then. Now, they could simultaneously check the health, while keeping their eyes on the action in-game. Most of the time, this gives them more time to think of what move they will make.

“It’s so exciting now because I can actually look at the fight and the life bars at the same time without going back and forth between the characters in the middle of the screen and the life bars up the top,” Doa said according to PC Gamer. “I can keep my eye on the action, I can keep my eye on the health at the same time.”

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Then, again, this is available for PTR as of this writing. However, the “Overwatch” improvement may be available sooner, as Doa reckoned. Apart from that, further improvements are also expected and will be announced in the next months.