Overwatch Update: Game Director Reveals That Blizzard Is Working On Another New Game Feature

After its release in 2016, “Overwatch” gained popularity all over the world. To continue satisfying players’ expectations, Blizzard keeps updating the game’s features by adding new characters and maps.

Recently, director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Blizzard is now working on a new feature that allows players to save their match highlights using in-game option. Gamers love saving their impressive moves and posting them on their social media channels. “Overwatch” players, however, previously needed to use external recording materials to capture highlights.

At present, “Overwatch” has no in-game option  that allows players to save videos. This could change very soon. In a post at the Blizzard Forums, a player asked about having a button to save “Overwatch” game  highlights and Kaplan responded with good news.

“We have made progress towards this goal. It’s an “Overwatch” game feature that is currently on our roadmap. I don’t have an exact schedule, but it’s something we are planning on,” Kaplan said.

It isn’t too surprising that Kaplan stated that the highlight saving feature is not on the top of the Blizzard priority list. As reported by GameRant, the team is currently busy working on new “Overwatch” content updates and addressing reports of hackers and cheaters in South Korea.

A lot of exciting updates are expected to happen for “Overwatch” in 2017. New characters will reportedly be launched, including the playable Doomfist character. Expect new updates on this highlight saving feature in the coming weeks.


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