Pakistan to Get A Communications Satellite from China With 20Gbps Data Speeds

Today, it is reported that Pakistan is going to have a high-end communication satellite from China.

Chinese Academy of Space Technology will be there for offering a satellite under a bilateral exchange agreement for helping Pakistan in improving its telecommunication networks.

As from the report, Chinese Academy of Space Technology has developed 7 satellites of the same category, from which one is for Pakistan.

Head of the Institute of Telecommunications Satellites, Zhou Zhicheng stated that they have a plan to re-execute export contracts for 10 more satellites belonging to the same category.

He said that Pakistan is far behind in the modern race and needs to catch up in the satellite developing field in US and European when it comes to high-end technology.

In April, China will be there to launch its high-end communication satellite and also trying to develop a huge network for providing the internet to the travelers in aircraft and bullet train’s.

China will launch Shijian 13 into space with a Long March 3b carrier rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch center located in siachen province.

Shijian is having a KA-broadband system, capable of transmitting 20 GB of data per second, which makes this satellite the most powerful satellite as developed by China.

The satellite will be launched in geostationary orbit and will be there for at least 15 years. The satellite will be capable of performing the Space-to-ground laser communication experiments as it reaches in orbit.

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