New iOS 10 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks: Photicon, Apps Manager, iCleaner Pro Beta & More!

There have been many iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks release in the past few months and many users have become increasingly interested in trying these for their Apple devices. Fortunately, there are a lot of developers and techy individuals who can help many users to enjoy the full benefits of the iOs 10 jailbreak and the Cydia Store is known for this.

For this week’s iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks release, the Cydia Store has them and these are compatible with iOS 10 – 10.1.1, according to Redmond Pie. First, the Photicon tweak replaces the usual and sometimes boring Photos app icon of the Apple device, which will show the last photo you have taken or any image you choose. It’s cool and it’s free!

Next is the AdaptiveColorAlerts, which matches whatever color is being displayed in the background when alerts or notifications come up if you are tired with the standard iOS alert on your Apple device. In addition to the iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks, the BlackKeyboardEverywhere tweak is free, which doesn’t have to be configured if you want to have the stock black iOS keyboard back everywhere in the system.

Additionally, if you want to run Safari in a dark mode at all times, you can install LunaSafari, which is also free. Another tweak, is the OTADisabler that will prevent you to accidentally update to a new iOS version, which is not yet capable of being jailbroken. It’s still in beta form though but it’s free.

When using the 3D Touch feature for apps, Cuttlefish tweak allows you to add more color once the background blur appears – the menu itself isn’t altered though, according to Neurogadget. Evanesco tweak enables app icons to fade out to show more of the wallpaper you set but it only takes effect when your phone is idle.

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The Apps Manager enables you to export, backup, restore and manipulate data on your device and it has been updated to work with the iOS 10 and 10.1 jailbreak solution that Luca Todesco provided recently. Finally, for the iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks, the iCleaner Pro Beta will help you remove the junk on phone.