‘Pokemon Go Gen 2’ Update: Niantic’s Redesigned UI To Possibly Integrate Kanto, Johto Pokedex Plus Footprint Trackers

The upcoming “Pokemon Go Gen 2” update may possibly change the way the game looks. Niantic is apparently working on redesigning the game’s user interface which may possibly change the way players play the game.

Best Fan-Made Render

According to a Pokémon GO Hub report, it was noted that a Pokémon GO fan named Albert Choi made the most exceptional user interface for the game which was even called as “feasible” and “creative.” One interface render features two convenient and easy-on-the-eye two tabs for Kanto Pokédex and Johto. It’s different in a sense that the creatures from Kanto Pokédex can be found in Johto.

Aside from that, sequence of the National Pokédex swings away from the normal sorting. However, the most important is that the tracking mechanism for Pokemon sightings might possibly change.

Redesigned User Interface, Footprint Tracker, Tracking Item

The alleged Niantic’s redesigned UI might possibly integrate tweaks such as Kanto and Johto Pokedex that are featured as two tabs. The “Pokemon Go” may reportedly feature two kinds of tracking steps which are the unidentified Poke tracks and familiar Poke tracks.

The tracking mechanism may work differently for Pokemon that players have already successfully tracked or caught. For the Pokemon that players are following, there is a possible footprint identifier that can help them track and get the Pokemon.

Furthermore, the identifier can allegedly track the footprints. Apparently, “Pokemon Go” players can possibly see the direction they would need to advance in and the distance’s information between themselves and the Pokemon. However, this feature might have a limitation where in it can only track rare Pokemon.

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Moreover, “Pokemon Go” may reportedly include Shiny Pokemon which has been specified in the games’ past two APK releases. In addition, the game may allegedly have a successful trade screen which can help players exchange their Pokemon for the other players’ Pokemon. Note that Niantic hasn’t verified or denied any of these possibilities yet considering there are no indications if and when these updates will roll out.