Pokemon GO’: How To Get Rid Of iOS Audio Reducing Bug; No More Region-Specific Pokemon This Year?

One of the most annoying “Pokemon GO” bugs is one that players have been complaining about for months but that Niantic has yet to fix despite promises of a solution in a future update. The bug, which automatically lowers the volume of background music when the game is open on iOS, even threatens players’ eardrums, as it forces them to crank up the volume if they choose to listen to music or podcasts while playing “Pokemon GO.” When the game is exited, the actual volume of the background music is restored, usually resulting in players’ wincing at the deafeningly loud sound coming from their earbuds.

As players await an actual fix for the “Pokemon GO” audio dampening bug, some have figured out quick fixes with varying degrees of effectiveness. According to Forbes, one of these is the Pause Trick, which may or may not work but is the easiest fix by far. This trick requires players to simply pause and unpause their music through either the swipe menu or the headphones. This will theoretically reset the volume.

The Camera Trick, which comes from a poster on the “Pokemon GO” subreddit, involves opening the camera by swiping up to reveal the iOS menu. When a player chooses the camera, the sound should revert to its normal volume. When the player switches back to the “Pokemon GO” app, the volume should stay the same after a short pause.

Another trick, which Forbes calls The Back/Forward, entails tapping forward or backward to restart a track or skip to the next one. To do this, simply swipe up, then left. This trick should reset the volume to normal.

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Meanwhile, there are reports that Niantic could soon make all Pokemon — including the region-specific ones — available everywhere “Pokemon GO” is allowed. This bit of news comes on the heels of Nintendo’s announcement that “Pokemon GO” will not be region-locked for its new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

IBTimes notes that several “Pokemon GO” creatures — including Kangaskhan, Tauros, Farfetch’d, and Mr. Mime — are still bound to specific regions. Tauros, for example, is only available in North America, while Kangaskhan can only be found in Australia. According to the outlet, 2017 may find Niantic unlocking all the region-locked Pokemon, allowing them to spawn virtually anywhere.