‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Cheat: How To Do 2X Power Up; Level Your Pokemon Beyond Its Normal Level Cap

“Pokemon Go” zealots have just discovered the game’s latest cheat. This cheat doubles power up and can level the Pokemon above its normal level.

A set of “Pokemon Go” fans obsessed with discovering new approaches to playing the latest craze has just discovered the latest way to power up Pokemon. This method is new because, so far, we have not seen a process like this for upgrading one’s own Pokemon in “Pokemon Go.”

For this remarkable process to work, the user must have a smartphone with a large display enough to accommodate more than one finger for the “Pokemon GO” button. This button is the Power Up button that sits below each Pokemon. The main part of this method for the upgrade is not technically an exploit, says, Slash Gear.

You need to tap the Power Up button using more than one finger to make the game’s program behave as though the button has been pressed more than once. This on its own, however, is not revolutionary by any means, as there are similar instances that exist in “Pokemon Go” like giving Pokemon Potions or Revives.

Reddit user adisz48¬†elaborates that there is a reason why you might want to use this process. Aside from saving time when this method for powering up in “Pokemon Go” is used, the Pokemon can be leveled up beyond its normal level cap. Typically, in Pokemon Go, a level 22 player can only power-up a Pokemon to Pokemon level 23.5. However, with this 2x finger tap method, players could potentially power up a Pokemon up to 24 instead of just 23.5.

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Usually, every time a Pokemon is powered up in “Pokemon Go,” it remarkably grows half a level. Getting a Pokemon another half a level more powerful will not dramatically change the game at first. However, doing the process frequently will ripple a significant effect in your game progress.